The eCoVan succesfully presented on the Solutrans Fair in Lyon: 21-25 November 2023

We presented the Ultra Light eCoVan on a 100% electric Iveco vehicle during the Solutrans Fair in Lyon.

The many visitors on our stand highly appreciated this new state of the art quality truck body.

Leaving the Eurexpo exhibition hall in Lyon, the eCoVan exhibition vehicle made a happy victory lap

Open doors day organized for our Polish and Czech customers

Open doors day organized for our Polish and Czech customers in June.

Great moment spent together bringing back old memories and making future plans together.

They were all happy to see the great progress and investments made during last 2 years.

Especially our new production line of the eCoVan.

Get acquainted with our light weight, strong and practical semi-recessed aluminium light pin track

Put our semi-recessed aluminium light pin track to the test !

  • Extremely light !  (0,7kg/m)
  • Strong !  steel pins – guaranteed traction strength 250kg
  • Recessed  ! hardly 4mm loss of internal width
  • Practical solution ! compatibel with loadlok ratchet or shoring poles

State of the art continuous composite panel production line

POLYFONT invested in the most innovative production line of GRP and composite panels.

This line, has a daily capacity of 8000m².

This results in an anual production capacity of 2 million m²!

The complete range of panel is produced on this line.

The full robotization of the line authorizes a complete control of all parameters.

eCoVan present on Cargo Lifting's open day event

Cargo Lifting organised a succesful open door event on Friday 18th November 2022.

The numerous customers and importers of light commercial vehicles, truck dealers present on the event where very enthusiast of the innovations presented by Cargolifting.

One of the main highlights here was the introduction of the brandnew eCoVan, that was praised for it’s attractive features : the ecologic ECOFONT panels of which the core is made of recycled bottles and it’s super light weight, resulting in a payload over a 1000kgs, even in combination with a taillift.

Aluvan is acquired by POLYFONT

June 2021 ushered in a new era in our company’s history. Aluvan has for many years been a pioneer as designer and manufacturer of truck body kits. Joining forces with POLYFONT means that we will benefit from over fifty years of experience and expertise from a market leader.

POLYFONT is Europe’s largest manufacturer of GRP composite panels for the commercial vehicle sector. Together, we aim to bring to market the best possible products for our clients, working hard to take the supply chain headaches out of the equation, streamlining the production process and making the assembly of vehicle bodies as easy as possible.

How to make an XL-compliant Ultra-Light 5 tonne rigid truck ?

The sandwich effect

The drum effect

How to make an XL-compliant Ultra-Light dry freight truck body? POLYFONT and Aluvan created the eCoVan.

Over the last 50 years of panel manufacture, POLYFONT has been researching how to best utilise the “sandwich” and “drum” effects in panels. The glass fibres in our skins make elongation impossible : this is known as the “sandwich effect”.  If A and B are fixed (captive mounting) the panel can not bend : this is known as the “drum” effect. Today POLYFONT are pleased to launch the new EcoFont UL (Ultra Light) in 14mm which responds to this quest and weighs a mere 3,2kg/m². Simultaneously, Aluvan have come up with a new body kit  design using the EcoFont UL panel, with incredible ingenuity.  Not only is the body kit exceptionally  light, but is is also XL-rated, having passed the strenuous  XL certification tests with flying colours (tests based  on 2700kg load and 4,2m body length).

The exceptional EcoFont UL panel is also used for the access panels, rear- side- and sliding doors. The tie-rails, either surface-mounted or semi-recessed , are guaranteed for up to 250kg of tensile force. POLYFONT have never compromised on safety, structural strength and load restraint systems.

To our knowledge, not a single accident attributed to body structure has ever occured in 50 years. For our next ultra-light truck body without comprimise on safety, consider POLYFONT panels and Aluvan kits. You will be pleasantly surprised getting acquainted with the brandnew eCoVan.

For your next fleet of carbon-efficient lightweight truck bodies, Aluvan and POLYFONT can accompany you all the way.

New state-of-the-art powder coating facility

A high quality installation allowes Aluvan to powder paint all profiles in-house. Powder coating provides better performance than wet paint – it is more resisting to chipping, scratching and other wear because of the better bonding it undergoes during curing, and because it can be applied in thicker layers.

Our customers will have 3 white tones to choose out for all surrounding profiles and rear frame elements of the Aluvan bodies:

  • RAL 9016
  • RAL 9010
  • Mercedes white

Thanks to this new power coating facility we today offer a guarantee of 5 years on the powder coat paint layer … another important argument to go for the Aluvan bodies.