High quality truck bodies with a lifetime support, delivered in kit-form or as completely premounted boxes.

By buying an Aluvan kit, the bodybuilder benefits from the more than 50 years of experience of one of the true pioneers in the truck body business.  At the same time he will enjoy the advantages of the very competitive purchase prices of a strong group.  Furthermore, the Aluvan kit is very easy to assemble and allows the bodybuilder to differentiate himself from his competition. Choosing for the Aluvan pre-assembled boxes allows the Aluvan dealer to expand his business without having to employ extra workers … a big plus as we all experience a lack of qualified personnel these days.

Aluvan's two manufacturing sites in Brugge, Belgium and Konskie, Poland, totalling 30.000 sqm of factory space, produce body kits for very satisfied clients all over Europe, USA and the Middle East.

Smart solutions for every possible closed truck body application…

We have smart solutions for every possible closed truck body application, whether for dry freight to temperature controlled, simple to specialist, small to large fleet operators.

Bodybuilders can rely on expert design, materials and build quality as well as technical support, from start to finish.


15°C to 0°C

0°C to -20°C

Aluvan’s strong environmental policy

We are committed to minimizing waste, using recycled and recyclable materials and saving or using energy sustainably. For example, our aluminium is infinitely recyclable, taking up to 95% less energy to recycle than producing primary aluminium.  Our solar park provides energy for our factory.
Our new Ultra LIght eCoVan bodies are made with recycled plastic bottles.  Thanks to these weight savings less fuel is needed what is very helpful in reducing the carbon foot print.

Aluvan, one of the true pioneers in Europe’s modern truck body history.

No later than 1963 Aluvan’s parent company acquired a licence from Clark (USA) to produce aluminium kits for truck bodies in Belgium, Aluvan gains independence after a management buy-out  in 1995 by late Mr. Philippe Vanlander and opens a second production plant in Konskie, Poland In 2000 Aluvan expands its product range to include temperature controlled bodies. Four years later, Aluvan develops production capabilities to include pre-assembled bodies to our customer. A new chapter in Aluvan’s history is written in 2021, when POLYFONT, the French world market leader in technical panels acquires Aluvan. With the combined strengths of POLYFONT, the absolute leader in technical panels, and Aluvan, the experienced truck body producer, we are confident to further shape the future of truck body business.


DistriCool performing well in the Berlin area (Germany)

Mr. Frank-Peter Frenzel, Director at Thermo King Berlin, about the DistriCool insulation kit for panel vans :

“Mondern insulation kits for all important panel van models at a fair price-quality ratio : that is how I would describe the  DistriCool products.  The mounting of the DistriCool kit is thanks to the well fitting parts to be realised in only few days. The end customer receives a final product with very good insulation values and attractive aesthetics.  Thanks to this high quality product, combined with a pleasant cooperation with this supplier, we managed to achieve a high market share in the metropolitan area Berlin-Brandenburg.”

How the PolyVan bodies are welcomed in Atlanta (Georgia USA)

Todd Cawley (left on the picture above) and Joe Dickmann (picture below), the owners of Emerald Transportation solutions in Atlanta (Georgia USA) :

“The  PolyVan bodies are lightweight, extremely durable and better insulated than sheet and post constructed van bodies.  What does this mean for the end user ?  Better fuel economy, less wear and tear on your chassis, more payload and less refrigeration run time.  This is the green message that saves green “

Happy PolyVan customer in Toronto (Canada)

David Chilvers, owner at Aircon Services & Reefer Sales, after delivery Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170 chassis with PolyVan body for deepfreeze transport

“Just delivered this beauty back to Mercedes today, this PolyVan 15′ (4,5m) cube with ATC20L refrigeration system performs like a champ and allows for almost 4500 lbs (=2041kg!)  of payload.”

The introduction of the eCoVan ... a real succes in Switzerland !

Testimonial from Mr. Bächli of Fahrzeugbau Bächli in Döttingen (CH) : “We have already been able to build various vehicles with the brand new eCoVan kit. We and our customers are very satisfied with the new model. The assembly is easy, the box looks really  elegant with the white painted border profiles.
And most importantly, the vehicle is significantly lighter than a vehicle with a comparable size and design. For us, it is also crucial that the assembly can be done in a very short time : the body is ready within 3 hours on the subframe prefabricated by us beforehand.
In short, the “eCoVan” body will for sure become a success model!”