NEW : the eCoVan Ultra Light

check the 3 e's :

eLECTRIC : commercial vehicles are becoming more and more common … according to research the market share of light electric commercial vehicles will grow to 35% by 2030 in Europe.

The downside however is the fact that electric commercial vehicles are quite a bit heavier than gasoline vehicles, due to added batteries, reinforced framework and suspension and the metal armor around the battery to protect it.

Especially in the 3,5T this weighs heavily on the available payload.

That is why there is an ever growing pressure on the truck body weight … and there the eCoVan Ultra Light Aluvan body can add maximally to the lost payload.

eCOLOGIC : the ECOFONT core is made out of recycled PET bottles ! Furthermore the reduced body weight results in lower fuel consumption and thus an improved carbon footprint.

eCONOMIC : the reduced fuel consumption thanks to your lower weight will save some barrels on the long run to the enduser.