PSX strong plywood

Bodykits and boxes up to 19T in plywood


  • Aesthetic, modern look
  • Seamlessly glued
  • Robust and strong
  • Durable powder coated profiles
  • Available with multiple Polyfont panels
  • Multiple colours available

Possible dimensions

  • Possible length between 4119mm (152″) and 9961mm (382″), per 2″
  • Possible height between 2123mm (76″) and 2935mm (108″), per 2″
  • Possible width between 1940mm (70″) and 2550mm (94″), per 2″

How we deliver

  • We always deliver on an individual loading rack.
  • Toolkit box and assembly instructions included.

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Technical specs kit

Side wallsWhite Polyfont panels with plywood core
Front wallWhite Polyfont panel with plywood core
RoofTranslucent polyester with gelcoat for good UV resistance
Rear frameWhite painted galvanized rear frame
Surrounding profilesWhite painted profiles

Technical specs subframe

LongeronsPredrilled galvanized longerons of 140mm height
CrossbearersGalvanized crossbearers of 80mm height
FloorAnti-slip plywood floor, 100% birch
ReinforcementsReinforced subframe for up to 19T
TruckbracketsNot included

Available options

  • White polyester reardoors
  • Ecofont 25mm flap with continuous hinge
  • Polyfont 20mm flap with hinges
  • Single side door 930/1030/1230mm aperture with piano hinge
  • Double side door 1156/1560/2120/2526mm aperture with piano hinge
  • FIT plywood rollershutter
  • Iso Plastifont 35mm roof
  • Premounted galvanized lashing rails
  • Reinforced wearplate height 300mm, thickness 4mm connected to
    the subframe
  • Reinforced front plate height 630mm, thickness 4mm connected to
    the subframe
  • Multiple panels available with Plywood, PET or PU core

For more options or further information, please contact us

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15°C to 0°C

0°C to -20°C