eCoVan Light Insulated

Lightweight bodykits and boxes made with ECOFONT Standard PET core 25mm and PLASTIFONT, for up to 5T


  • High focus on lightness
  • Stylish, all white bodykit
  • Integrated aluminium rearframe
  • Quick assembly
  • Subframe included in basic execution
  • Available in different colours

Possible dimensions

  • External
    Length from 2900 mm mini to 4900 mm maxi, per 100mm
    Height from 2100 mm mini to 2650 mm max, per 50mm
    Width from 2000 mm mini to 2500 mm maxi, per 50mm
  • Internal
    Length from 2847 mm mini to 4847 mm maxi, per 100mm
    Height from 1963 mm mini to 2516 mm max, per 50mm
    Width from 1926 mm mini to 2426 mm maxi, per 50mm

How we deliver

  • We always deliver on an individual loading rack.
  • Toolkit box and assembly instructions included.

Download product flyerDownload the product flyer

Technical specs kit

Side wallsWhite Ecofont panels with PET core
Front wallWhite Ecofont panel with PET core
RoofWhite Plastifont 35mm panel with PU core
Rear frameWhite aluminium integrated rear frame
Surrounding profilesWhite painted aluminium profiles

Technical specs subframe

LongeronsPredrilled aluminium longerons of 110mm height
Crossbearersno cross bearers needed
FloorSelf-supporting floor 60mm with PET core
TruckbracketsSupplied with galvanized truckbrackets, specific to the chassis

Available options

  • PLASTIFONT 25mm PU core rear doors
  • ECOFONT 25mm flap with continuous hinge
  • eCoVan side door 930mm aperture with piano hinge
  • Universal rail galvanized
  • Universal rail galvanized aluminium
  • SEMI- recessed pin track (aluminium), with 25mm Ecofont PET core panels
  • Light pin track aluminium, plant-on
  • Straps for the SEMI- recessed pin track and the Light pin track
  • Capiton 2 in 1, galvanized execution
  • Aluminium strip

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Gekoeld transport
15°C tot 0°C

Diepvries transport
0°C tot -20°C